Superficial Chemical Peels

Micro peels are an important adjunct to skin care. Micro peels maximize and expedite the results that can be achieved through skin care. Micro peels are the lightest of all chemical peels. They will smooth and soften your skin, brighten your complexion, minimize pore size, and reduce discoloration. Some note an improvement in fine wrinkles.

The Procedure

Micro peels, like other chemical peels, involve the application of a chemical irritant to the skin. They are performed in a doctor's office by a trained skin care technician or nurse and require about 30 minutes. First, dead skin cells are gently removed through a painless technique called dermaplaning, which is similar to shaving. Then a glycolic acid solution, usually between 20% and 50%, is applied. You may experience mild, temporary burning and itching. Stimulants such as dry ice may then be applied, followed by moisturizing cream. Immediately following your micro peel, you can apply makeup and return to your usual activities. Most will have no outward evidence of the peel, but those with fair skin may have a red complexion for a day.


Following each peel, your dead superficial skin cells will invisibly shed. You will see the maximal effect two weeks after each peel. Six peels are usually required at two week intervals to achieve optimal results. Thereafter, you may maintain your results with micro peels every one to three months. Micro peels are used in conjunction with a skin care program for best results.

Advantages of Micro Peels

Micro peels offer significant advantage over skin care products alone, because the products are more potent, yet recovery is immediate. A micro peel will improve your skin texture, color, and overall appearance as well as decrease the apparent size of your pores. Many experience improvement in superficial crepe paper wrinkles.

Disadvantages of Micro Peels

As long as your expectations are realistic, there are few disadvantages. Most notably, a micro peel will not improve dynamic wrinkles, skin fold wrinkles, or skin tone. If you have thin, sensitive skin, you may have redness for one to two days following your micro peel. If this occurs, a lower concentration of solution will be used for subsequent peels.



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